The innovative spirit doesn’t compromise in pursuit of its goals. In every aspect of  our business - from our ingredient concepts to our application support – we strive to  create the new.

The best R&D starts with a question


All of our work starts with the question: how can we develop a superior ingredient for the market. Starting with a portfolio of 12-13 pulses and 4-5 grains, we look to develop ingredients that are high in nutrition but also that we can make taste great. Other factors in our ingredient development process include manufacturing issues such as color, functionality and processing ease. We also focus on sustainability. How does this ingredient affect crop ecology? Where is it sourced? And what does it mean to the lives of the farmers with whom we work?

Relationships are key to quality


Sourcing our raw materials begins with  relationships. We individually select farmers that we know can deliver consistent quality ingredients. In our site visits we look for the right infrastructure, so we know they can harvest clean, prevent cross-contamination and preserve the identity and traceability of our raw materials. We look to the long-term with our partners so that together, we can create the next generation of ingredients.

We’re an ingredient company – first, last & always


Working with pulses and grains, our end products are protein, flour, fiber and oil. How we fractionate these to end up with Nutriati ingredients is at least as much  art as science.


When it comes to issues like taste & mouthfeel – sometimes a more highly  concentrated isn’t better. We look for  balance and the most delightful consumer experience.

We started with taste – not fluid  dynamics


People have been making plant-based proteins, flours, fiber and oils for hundreds of years. But we asked ourselves: how do we create the optimal ingredient? So we went back to the drawing board.


Today, Nutriati manufacturing processes have been completely re-imagined and re-engineered to realize our goals for  ingredient taste, texture and nutrition. Our sustainable, scalable, gentler manufacturing approach positions us  to create the ingredients of the future.

Where you end up often depends on where you started from.


The Nutriati team has deep experience in creating some of the world’s best loved consumer food products. We’ve worked with plant-based ingredients from the farm to the check-out line – so we know how to get there.


In addition to our in-house applications team expertise with almost every type of food system, Nutriati maintains a network of product development specialists we can bring to bear on our projects.

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